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nominated goods and Freehand goods

Regardless of the industry or field, there are specialized terms used in that industry or field. The field of Logistics is similar, this is an industry related to international trade activities, so the specialized terms are more and more. Among them, the most basic terms that must be grasped when working in this field are Designated Goods and Normal Goods. 

So what is Nominated Goods? What are Freehand Goods? How to distinguish Nominated Goods and Freehand Goods ? Follow the article below with FBI LOGISTICS!!


symbol on the container

Have you ever wondered or found out what the symbol on the container mean? Today let’s join FBI LOGISTICS to decipher what those symbols mean!


find the location of container

At the large-scale container yard, the number of containers is uncountable. So how can I find my container’s location? Today, with this article, FBI LOGISTICS will guide you how to find the location of container in the yard simply and quickly!

Fraudulent Freight Forwarders

The activity of Freight Forwarding has been around for many years and there has been a recent resurgence of the forwarder especially in the form of a digital freight forwarder. Unfortunately fraudulent freight forwarders have permeated this industry as well. A freight forwarder is an important service provider not just for companies importing and exporting […]

Cargo Theft Statistics & Trends

Cargo theft can occur anywhere along the supply chain, affecting local logistics, transporters, storage yards, groupage operators, LCL consolidators, ports, depots, terminals, insurance, carriers and freight forwarders equally. BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions assesses that companies lose more than an estimated $76 million in UK alone due to cargo theft highlighting the seriousness of […]

Adding Value to Supply Chain

Demand to provide the optimal customer experience continues to escalate, and companies must continually seek out better ways to deliver customer satisfaction and retention. Many companies find that value-added logistics services help give their supply chain a competitive edge. Once limited to services such as shrink-wrapping, display building, and rainbow pallets, value-added capabilities now include […]

Newest Technology Innovations

Liftomatic Material Handling, a materials handling equipment manufacturer, introduced the Ergo-Matic line of portable drum handling equipment. The product family is modular and designed for efficient manual handling of a single drum in repetitive applications. The Ergo-Matic line features high-lift capability up to 36 inches, spark-resistant components for flammable areas, and double clamps for fiber and plastic drums.