Besides freight, Customs procedures are always an important and complicated step in the process of importing and exporting goods. Understanding that problem, FBI LOGISTICS with a team of experienced, knowledgeable and always up-to-date Customs declarations and circulars, especially with experience in handling, makes the Customs declaration process easier. should be easy, shorten the time for customs clearance of goods as well as reduce the costs incurred. With dedication and enthusiasm, FBI LOGISTICS will advise customers on the most effective and accurate customs clearance options with full customs declaration services:

– Export/Import Customs clearance services for all types: Business, Outsourcing, Production for export, Non-commercial, temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import, transit, export and return, liquidity, on-site import and export, industrial park, export processing zone, exhibition, tax-free investment project goods, other project goods, entrusted import and export of simple items, …..

– Other specialized services in Customs services:

+ Apply for a license to import and export medical products, precursors, information communication, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Department of Animal Health, Department of Plant Protection, ….

+ Apply for food cosmetic announcement, food self-declaration, medical declaration, ……

+ Service of applying for C/O, certificate of origin, free circulation of CFS at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, VCCI.

+ Plant and animal quarantine services, food hygiene and safety, inspection, analysis, classification, confinement of old machines, quality inspection of lubricants, Quality inspection of fertilizers, regulation conformity at centers goods subject to group II quality inspection under the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Transport, the Department of Occupational Safety, etc.

+ Fumigation service, support to contact quality inspection agencies, Irradiation of agricultural and aquatic products with Iso standards to the US, Food safety testing with suitable pesticide residues to export to other countries ….

+ Logistics services: packing, baling, loading and unloading goods at the warehouse, at the port, tally, stamping, packing supervision, lifting and lowering, ….

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