Break Bulk Cargo is a type of ship with a very large operating capacity in transporting goods, it can transport goods in raw and dry form (Bulk Cargo) such as minerals, forest products, agricultural products, cement. , iron and steel, fertilizer, animal feed, scrap … are not packed or bagged at all and are stored directly in the waterproof cargo compartments of the ship.

Specialized bulk carriers are single-deck ships with solid structure, with side tanks and hanging tanks on both sides of the cargo hold to reduce cargo hold space and easily adjust the ship’s center of gravity when necessary. The ship has a spacious hatch, convenient for loading and unloading. The reinforced cargo hold is sure to withstand the impact of goods and equipment when handling goods.

For goods with such a large volume of transport, the method of sea transportation by bulk vessel can help businesses reduce transportation costs compared to the method of shipping by container.

Our service ensures timely loading and unloading, fast ship release to help customers save costs. In addition, we also have many solutions to support customers during peak seasons when freight trains have to wait for a long time, causing additional costs.

We provide the following bulk shipping services:

– Transporting bulk cargo by bulk ship within the territory of Vietnam

– Transporting bulk cargo by bulk ship from Vietnam to many countries around the world

– Transporting bulk cargo by bulk ship from many countries around the world to Vietnam

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