Break bulk cargo are known to be the solution for bulk cargoes but in dry form, not in crates. So what do you know about Break bulk cargo ? Let’s find out with FBI LOGISTICS through the article below!

What is Break bulk cargo service?

Domestic bulk shipping is one of the forms of using dry cargo ships to transport goods according to the needs of customers.

Bulk goods are goods that are not packed or packed in containers, when transported, the bulk cargo will be directly in the container of the ship or the container floor.

Break bulk cargo is a type of ship with a very large operating capacity in transporting goods, it can transport goods in raw and dry form (Bulk Cargo) such as minerals, forest products, agricultural products, cement. , iron and steel , fertilizer , animal feed , scrap … are not packed or packed at all and are stored directly by the waterproof cargo compartments of the ship .

For goods with such a large volume of transport, the method of sea transportation by bulk vessel can help businesses reduce transportation costs compared to the method of sending goods by container.

Break bulk cargo service at FBI LOGISTICS

Transport of Break bulk cargo by domestic bulk ship North – Central – South

FBI LOGISTICS accepts to transport Break bulk cargo within the territory of Vietnam, the items we transport are common items such as: clinker, stone powder, corn kernels, cement, kiln slag … and with any load. , we can all meet.

Break bulk cargo

Why should you choose the Break bulk cargo service at FBI LOGISTICS?

Bulk cargo is a very specific type of cargo, so its transportation also needs to ensure professionalism at every stage, from the stage of inventory, arrangement, rotation until the goods arrive at the destination. need to be delivered, then the whole new route will take place quickly and safely, committing that the customer’s package will not be lost or damaged unnecessarily.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reputable and professional shipping company to be able to ensure the goods are in the best condition when reaching the customer.

Using the Break bulk cargo service at FBI LOGISTICS, customers will be assured of:

  • Cost optimization: FBI LOGISTICS always ensures on-time loading and unloading, quick release of ships to help customers save costs.
  • Optimizing supply solutions: With the Logistics service system, FBI LOGISTICS can confidently provide customers with the most optimal support solutions.
  • Time optimization: We also have a lot of solutions to support customers in the peak seasons when freight trains have to wait too long, causing costs for cargo storage.

Immediately call the hotline 0901 90 10 20 for advice and support on Break bulk cargo services!


FBI Logistics – Prestigious Transport Unit – Quality

FBI Logistics is constantly improving logistics solutions effectively, providing competitive service quality in the market, optimizing core values ​​in each activity, that is: flexibility, professionalism, application technology and superior customer service.

Coming to FBI Logistics, customers will be assured of:

  • Safe packing
  • Fast shipping service
  • Cost savings

For advice on issues related to Logistics, please contact Hotline 0901 901 020!

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