Oversea service is a collection of all transactional activities in business carried out in an international environment. This is a highly volatile, sensitive and global business. Join FBI LOGISTICS today to learn about international business services!!!

What is Oversea Service?

In the simplest terms, an international business service is an activity that takes place in 2 or more countries around the world in the field of transportation (most notably, air transport and air freight). sea) transport of import and export goods, ..

As a global transport bridge, Oversea service provides optimal transportation solutions in terms of cost in terms of time as well as human resources for customers, meeting all requirements with a professional and qualified team. Extensive experience in the logistics industry.

What is the Oversea Service at FBI LOGISTICS?

oversea service

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Along with domestic transportation services focusing on domestic customers, FBI LOGISTICS also focuses on foreign customers and businesses, specializing in providing global international business services including the following services:

  • Export service (by sea, by air, by bulk ship, …) assigned from Vietnam to abroad
  • Import service (sea, air, bulk ship, temporary import for re-export, …) from abroad to Vietnam
  • International cargo handling service (between countries other than Vietnam): sea, air, rail, inland, …
  • Domestic and international customs services.

We are always confident to bring to customers as well as agents in the world competitive services, save costs, save time, improve value and safe economic efficiency for customers. Along with diverse services and professional working attitude, FBI Logistics is proud to be the place to send all the trust of agents around the world.

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Why should you choose to use Oversea service at FBI LOGISTICS?

As a unit specializing in providing leading international business services in the market, gaining trust from customers, FBI LOGISTICS ensures to bring customers the best and most satisfied service experience.

  • We always respond to customers’ needs 24/7, always monitor and proactively report directly to customers about order status.
  • FBI LOGISTICS is proud to be a member of major associations in the world about freight such as JC Trans, FIATA, IATA, etc. to ensure customers’ destinations wherever they are.
  • The staff is professional and experienced, ensuring timely customer support, timely handling.
  • We always research the market and offer the most optimal and economical forecasts and plans for our customers.
  • Always a strategic partner for service agents worldwide. With the motto of cooperation for mutual benefits.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your logistics requirements. We are happy to be your good agent in Vietnam to handle your import and export goods to or from Vietnam. And we guarantee you will be noticed and reminded by our best service at attractive prices to meet the expectations of our customers.

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FBI Logistics – Prestigious Transport Unit – Quality

FBI Logistics is constantly improving logistics solutions effectively, providing competitive service quality in the market, optimizing core values ​​in each activity, that is: flexibility, professionalism, application technology and superior customer service.

Coming to FBI Logistics, customers will be assured of:

  • Safe packing
  • Fast shipping service
  • Cost savings

For advice on logistics related issues, please contact Hotline 0901 901 020!

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