At the large-scale container yard, the number of containers is uncountable. So how can I find my container’s location? Today, with this article, FBI LOGISTICS will guide you how to find the location of container in the yard simply and quickly!

Instructions on how to find the location of container in the yard

Vietnam’s logistics industry is growing, the port clusters are expanding and spreading across 3 regions. Representatives of the 3 regions will have 3 large ports: Hai Phong port (Northern); Da Nang port (Central region); Cat Lai port (Southern). These 3 ports are always busy with huge cargo traffic demand.

Therefore, in order for customers to easily capture information about their containers, these ports have launched container lookup websites. The website has a fairly simple and easy-to-use interface, suitable for all types of customers. Here are 3 ways to find the location of containers in yards in the North – Central – South regions using a website you can refer to.

find the location of container

How to find the location of the container in the yard using the website of Saigon Newport

How to find the location of container in the yard in the South

The representative of the South is Cat Lai port, this is a port of Saigon Newport Corporation with a system of 18 ports spanning the whole country. To find the location of containers at Cat Lai port, you can visit the website . You just need to click on the Container Information item in the Lookup category, then enter the number of containers you want to look up to be able to know the exact location of the container you want to find.

Search Results:

  • The location of the corresponding container in the column “Location”
  • The position of the floor number of the corresponding container is the last 2 numbers in the sequence of position numbers

For example: D08.009.02.03 , the cont floor position is 3.

Not only looking at Cat Lai Port, with other port groups in the port system of Saigon Newport, you can go to the above website address to look up. Here is a list of ports under the management system of Saigon Newport you can look up:

  • Tan Cang Port – Nhon Trach
  • Tan Cang Port – Cat Lai
  • Tan Cang Port – Huu Phu
  • Tan Cang Port – Hiep Phuoc
  • Tan Cang Port – Sa Dec
  • Tan Cang Port – 189,128 Hai Phong
  • Tan Cang Port – Cao Lanh, My Thoi, Tra Noc, Cai Cui
  • Tan Cang Port – Song Than
  • Tan Cang Port – Long Binh
  • Container Terminal Tan Cang – Cai Mep
  • Tan Cang International Port – Cai Mep
  • Tan Cang Port – Cai Mep Thi Vai
  • Hai Phong International Container Port
  • Tan Cang Port – Central region
  • Tan Cang Port – Petro Cam Ranh

How to find the location of container in the yard in the North

If in the North, it is impossible not to mention Hai Phong port. The port consists of 3 main areas: Tan Vu Port Branch, Chua Ve Port Branch, and Hoang Dieu Port Company. This is considered the leading large seaport in the Northern region with a busy frequency of import and export, cargo container clearance with modern equipment, meeting international commercial transport modes.

You can visit the website to find your container’s location. The steps are very simple, you just need to click Look up container information in the Support category, then enter the exact number of containers you want to find, the system will immediately show the results where your container is.

find the location of container

Website interface to look up the location of containers at Hai Phong port

How to find the location of container in the yard in the Central region.

If the North has Hai Phong port, the South stands out with Cat Lai Port, then the Central region has a key seaport which is Da Nang port. This seaport includes many member companies, famous for Tien Sa port.

Da Nang Port plays an important role in import and export activities of the Central region. This was chosen as the last point of the East-West Economic Corridor, connecting the four countries of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. And this is also the main gateway to the East Sea for the whole region.

At Da Nang port, you have 2 ways to find the location of container in the yard as follows:

Method 1: Similar to the Northern and Southern regions, Da Nang port also provides a separate website for customers to look up information. You access the address and operate similarly to other lookup websites to find containers. The important thing you need to have is the number of containers you want to look up.

Method 2: You can send an email to the mailbox with the email content containing the full and exact container number. The system will respond to your email with an attached file containing information about the container such as Type, size, F/E, OPR,… Note that each email you can only enter a number of containers, the system can only recognize and return the results.

Notes on find the location of container in the yard.

  • Based on the container delivery area to choose the right website to look up.
  • Finding the right container location is not difficult, you need to enter the full container code, go to the right website to get accurate results.
  • The container code is usually a sequence of 11 characters, consisting of 4 letters and 7 digits. Where the last digit is used to determine the correctness of the sequence, the previous 10 numbers follow a special recipe.
  • If the system gives an error or cannot find the container, you need to check the port name as well as the container number you entered.
  • If you have filled in the information correctly but still do not get results, you need to contact the port management unit for assistance in checking. Make sure the container does not have any unusual problems.
  • For the case of small ports, without a website to look up, the fastest way to find the location of the container in the yard is to go directly to the dispatcher at the port to ask for help.

Recently, FBI LOGISTICS has shown you how to find the location of container in the yard with the simplest and fastest ways. Hope this article will help you in looking up the location of the container. Good luck finding the container location!


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