Domestic Freight services in Vietnam are increasingly developed with transport infrastructure being invested from North to South. It is expected that by 2025, 2,000km of expressway will be completed. Today, FBI LOGISTICS invites you to learn about Domestic Freight services!!!

What is Domestic Freight service?

Domestic freight is the transportation of goods by many forms to and from locations within the country. Modes such as truck, air, sea. Customers can choose different shipping methods depending on large or small packages.

Popular types of Domestic Freight

1. Domestic trucking freight

Domestic trucking freight means road transport, intercity transport by means of transport vehicles, but the most popular is still container tractors.

Some reasons customers choose trucking:

  • Mobility, can respond to the needs of customers quickly.
  • Transport goods in large quantities.
  • Fast shipping, with low price.

2. Domestic sea freight

Domestic sea freight means transport by sea. Here’s how to ship multiple containers at once.

Some reasons customers choose sea freight:

  • Can transport multiple containers at the same time.
  • Currently, there are many large shipping lines. less risk.
  • Goods quality is guaranteed, in accordance with the process.

3. Domestic air freight

Domestic air freight means air transportation to airports across the country. This is the fastest way to transport but not as many goods as the two forms of sea and land transport.

Some reasons customers choose air freight:

  • Fast shipping and receiving
  • Suitable for small, compact, not bulky goods

Types of Domestic Freight services at FBI LOGISTICS

Along with customs services, Domestic Freight services are equally important. With transportation routes from North to South and from South to North, FBI LOGISTICS ensures to bring customers the best services and make customers most satisfied.

Domestic freight

Call now 0901 901 020 to be consulted by FBI LOGISTICS about Domestic Freight services.

FBI LOGISTICS Domestic Freight services include:

  • Transporting full containers by road, waterway, railway
  • Transporting retail goods by truck.
  • Transporting packaged goods from North to South.
  • Transporting super-long and super-heavy goods.
  • Door-to-door shipping.
  • Shipping by domestic air.
  • Multimodal transportation.

We always optimize shipping options for customers to minimize costs and transport time from anywhere in the territory of Vietnam with absolute prestige with the motto  “Professional, economical, customer satisfaction”.

Why should you choose to use Domestic Freight services at FBI LOGISTICS?

Coming to FBI LOGISTICS, we are committed to giving our customers the best experience!

  • A team of professional and responsible drivers, ensuring prestige and quality with the motto “going to the destination”.
  • Meet the needs of customers, always report directly to the customer to know the status of the order.
  • Having a long-term cooperation with domestic partners and airlines such as Vietnam Airlines , Jetstar Pacific, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways and along with that, has a good relationship with North-South railway.
  • Diversified transportation services to satisfy all customers, even the most demanding customers.

Call hotline 0901 90 10 20 for advice and support on Domestic Freight services!

FBI Logistics – Prestigious Transport Unit – Quality

FBI Logistics is constantly improving logistics solutions effectively, providing competitive service quality in the market, optimizing core values ​​in each activity, that is: flexibility, professionalism, application technology and superior customer service.

Coming to FBI Logistics, customers will be assured of:

  • Safe packing
  • Fast shipping service
  • Cost savings

For advice on issues related to Logistics, please contact Hotline 0901 901 020!

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