Regardless of the industry or field, there are specialized terms used in that industry or field. The field of Logistics is similar, this is an industry related to international trade activities, so the specialized terms are more and more. Among them, the most basic terms that must be grasped when working in this field are Designated Goods and Normal Goods.

So what is Nominated Goods? What are Freehand Goods? How to distinguish Nominated Goods and Freehand Goods ? Follow the article below with FBI LOGISTICS!!

How do you understand Nominated Goods and Freehand Goods?

Nominated goods

nominated goods and Freehand goods


Distinguish between Nominated goods and Freehand goods

Nominated goods is a term used by shipping lines. The specified goods are translated in English as Nominated goods. Designated goods are goods that foreign customers sign a contract directly with the goods owner (or exporter). The customer is the person who appoints a certain shipping company. Sales staff’s job is just to take good care of customers. As for shipping costs, the buyer will be responsible.

Advantage : Just deliver the goods on board to fulfill the responsibility.

Defect : Not proactive in delivery time. The time to prepare the goods, and the people who do the import and export for the designated export companies are also not very happy

In sea freight, there are many types of signs of the specified type of goods, such as the buyer appointing the shipping company, but asking the seller to pay the freight.

Freehand goods

nominated goods and Freehand goods


Nominated goods and Freehand goods

FreeHand goods  are the goods that the shipper himself book and pay the freight, prepaid freight according to the conditions of group C. All problems from the selection of shipping lines will be decided by the shipper. For the Freehand item, the sales staff has to go through all the processes, find the opportunity, bid and pursue the shipment.

Advantages : 

  • Actively choose a shipping line from which to choose the one with the most benefits and costs, thereby bringing high commissions.
  • Be proactive in choosing delivery time and delivery time.

Defect : You have to find customers, find opportunities yourself, evaluate feasibility, bid and do all the process yourself.

How to distinguish Nominated Goods and Freehand Goods.

Based on Incoterms terms

For Nominated Goods , there will be 2 delivery conditions E and F. That means the exporter does not have to pay international freight to the importing country. The risk and responsibility for the goods is transferred to the importing country at the port of export. The payment of international freight belongs to the importing country.

Example of nominated goods : an import-export enterprise exports goods from Hai Phong port to New York under FOB terms (the business does not have to pay the freight to New York, but only delivers the goods to the port of export). Exporting enterprises cannot choose a forwarder company but must comply with the designation of the importing party. Then the exporter will work with the designated forwarder company to export the goods to the New York port.

For Freehand goods , there will be 2 delivery conditions C and D. Exporting enterprises will bear the cost of international freight, have the right to choose a forwarder company.

For example, freehand goods : import-export enterprises export goods from Hai Phong port to Bangkok under C-type conditions. Enterprises bear international freight, so they will have the right to choose a forwarder company according to their wishes.

Based on international freight

For a shipment of international freight that is postpaid (Freight Collect) , it will be Nominated goods, because the importer is responsible for booking the ship and paying the freight at the port of destination.

For a shipment with international freight prepaid (Freight Prepaid) , that shipment is Freehand Goods. Since the exporter is responsible for booking the vessel and the freight has been prepaid in the exporting country (delivery terms C and D)


Recently, the sharing of FBI LOGISTICS so that you can distinguish Nominated goods and Freehand goods. Hope this article brings a lot of useful knowledge to readers.

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If you are in need of Logistics, please contact us at our hotline 0901 90 10 20 for detailed advice!

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