Have you ever wondered or found out what the symbol on the container mean? Today let’s join FBI LOGISTICS to decipher what those symbols mean!

What does the symbol on the container include?

symbol on the container

Decode symbol on the container

Owner code of the container

Above container, you usually see 4 letters in capitals. (For example: BICU, 3 letters BIC is called t he next container registered by the owner of the container with the direct management agency, the BIC International Container Bureau).

After registration, the ownership of this code is officially recognized worldwide. A firm can own one or more different codes, although the BIC restricts this, and imposes certain conditions on the registration of multiple codes.

The U below is the device type symbol on the container. We often see the symbol U in addition to J and Z

U: Freight container

J: Detachable freight container-related equipment

Z: Tractor (Trailer) or Trailer (Chassis)

The use of any letter other than the above three (U; J; Z) as the equipment type designation is considered non-compliant with ISO 6346.

Container serial number

This is called a 6-digit container number set by the container owner himself with the convention that the name cannot be the same as another container. Each number can only be used once. In case when naming but not enough 6 numbers, 0 will be added in front of those numbers.

Check digit

Is the number after the serial number of the container. The feature of this number is to be printed and framed on the container. For example: numbers (2), (6), (5)… The use of check numbers is to reduce the risk of errors during the entry of the container number. In fact, the number of containers is used by many objects (shippers, forwarders, shipping lines, customs…), many times, on many documents (B/L, Manifest, D/O…), therefore, the possibility of entering the wrong number is very large.

Each container number (including prefix and serial number) will correspond to a check digit. Therefore, incorrect input will mostly be detected because the check digit is different from the actual one. However, it should be noted that this is not absolute, because if 2 or more characters are wrong, the check digit is still correct, and the error is not detected.

Container type

This is the line of digits below the container serial number. For example: 22G1, 45R1, 22T6…

Alphabetical symbols in container types are divided into groups: G, T, R, L…

G: Regular container

R : Refrigerated container

U: Open top container can open the lid

T: Tank container

The digit after the common letter symbol, if it is 0, can open 1 or 2 ends. Number 1 is with ventilation doors above. P will represent both types above.

The first 2 numbers will represent the length of the container. (For example: 2 is 20 feet, number 4 is 40 Feet. Especially container 45 will be denoted by letter L.)

For example, on the container shows: BICU 123456 – 45G1 : Read as container BIC 123456. Container usually 40 Feet with ventilation door above.

The parameters of symbol on the container.


The maximum allowable total weight of the container, including when packed (including the items in the container) Expressed in 2 units, Kg and LB (1 kg ~ 2.2 lbs)

symbol on the container

Symbol on the container


Net weight of container shell.


Maximum cargo weight packed into the container.


The number of cubes in the container is in cubic meters and cubic feet

Just now are detailed explanations about the parameters and symbol on the container that FBI LOGISTICS wants to send to readers. Hope this article gives you useful information.


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