Ocean freight is one of the key modes of transport, playing an important role in international trade. Therefore, sea freight services also play a particularly important role in the logistics service industry. So, what does Ocean Freight Service include, let’s find out with FBI LOGISTICS below!

What is Ocean Freight Service?

Ocean freight is a form of using vehicles combined with sea infrastructure to transport goods. So, roughly understood Ocean Freight Services are services that support customers in importing and exporting goods by sea, providing transportation solutions with competitive rates, optimizing shipping time, etc.

What types of Ocean Freight Service does FBI LOGISTICS specialize in?


FBI LOGISTICS specializes in providing reputable Ocean Freight Service in the market

Global Door to Door Service

Door to Door shipping is not the latest form in the express delivery industry, but it is loved by everyone because of its many features that are very suitable for consumers as well as large organizations in Vietnam. 

Door to Door package transportation service is a package transport service – customs procedures “from warehouse to warehouse to receive goods”. In addition, if customers have demand, Door to Door service can include counting service (when sending goods and when returning goods) and cargo insurance service (prevention of force majeure cases).

  • Domestic Door to Door shipping service is a service of transporting goods from the hand of the deliverer to the recipient.
  • International Door to Door shipping service is a service of transporting goods from the hand of the deliverer, to the recipient and a full package of customs procedures.
  • Providing a full range of professional package transportation services from warehouse to destination, from port to port of destination and from warehouse to port by sea.

FCL freight service

Transporting goods by container has been a fairly popular method and has grown continuously both in terms of quantity as well as service quality. Through the process of formation and development up to now, container shipping has proved its outstanding advantages and affirmed to be an important method in import and export trade.

FBI LOGISTICS has constantly developed and improved its FCL shipping service to give customers the best experience. We bring to you all services related to shipping containers during specific transportation:

  • Book a booking with a shipping line
  • Choose the shell, provide the container/lead number to the customer
  • Issue House Bill or provide Master Bill to customers.
  • Revoking the original House Bill
  • Lifting, loading and unloading containers, handing over to shipping lines.
  • Pay all charges at the port for the customer.

LCL freight service

With a separate agent system around the world, associated with the consolidation service (LCL) is one of the key services. With this service, customers can send export goods, receive imported goods from anywhere in the world without having to depend on the quantity of goods.

The import and export retail shipping/receiving service we perform is not only the international shipping part, but also includes the pick up/delivery service at the customer’s requested location, packing arrangement, parcel packing. Goods according to international shipping standards, fumigate, buy insurance, transfer goods through CFS warehouse, carry out import-export and customs procedures according to regulations for each type of item…

FBI LOGISTICS we specialize in providing LCL freight services as follows:

  • LCL freingt to all ports in the world.
  • Transporting personal goods (non-commercial goods) to a company unit
  • Combined shipping Sea (sea) – Air (air).
  • Door-to-door package delivery service.
  • Customs clearance services for import and export goods.

FBI LOGISTICS collects retail goods in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hai Phong and assembles containers to countries in Asia, Europe … helping customers save shipping costs and especially safety and peace of mind when use the consolidation service of FBI Logistics.

Why should you choose to use the Ocean Freight Service of FBI LOGISTICS?

FBI LOGISTICS is a unit specializing in providing reputable and positional Ocean Freight Services in the market, we always bring to our customers the most optimal shipping solutions in terms of cost, time and convenience effective.

  • FBI Logistics signed service contracts with reputable shipping lines such as APL, CMA-CGM, OOCL, ZIM, CK LINE, PIL, WAN HAI, YML, MSC… to provide customers with complete and timely information on time, shipping route with the most economical cost.
  • FBI Logistics ensures to track the customer’s goods throughout the route to the destination and notify the customer for peace of mind.
  • Owning a global network of agents, we are ready to meet any needs of our customers.
  • With extremely cheap, competitive and stable sea freight rates, FBI LOGISTICS is always a reliable companion for businesses in the field of import and export today.
  • With a high sense of responsibility, constantly innovating to improve service quality, FBI LOGISTICS provides a flexible combination of many modes of transportation to meet your needs in the best way.

Coming to FBI LOGISTICS you can be completely assured of your choice.

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FBI Logistics – Prestigious Transport Unit – Quality

FBI Logistics  is constantly improving logistics solutions effectively, providing competitive service quality in the market, optimizing core values ​​in each activity, that is: flexibility, professionalism, application technology and superior customer service.

Coming to  FBI Logistics , customers will be assured of:

  • Safe packing
  • Fast shipping service
  • Cost savings

For advice on issues related to Logistics, please contact Hotline 0901 901 020!

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